Should everyone have a proper job?

The BBC:

It’s hard to define what a “proper job” is. White collar work is aspirational and professionals in finance, advertising, journalism and the law often work extremely long hours. But there is a nagging sense that sitting at a desk all one’s life is not always “real” work in the same way as some other jobs are.

A person who has never toiled at grimy, physical or monotonous labour has somehow missed out. It goes beyond career development, to the idea of shaping a more rounded person.

The three main party political leaders have at times been accused of failing the proper job test. They are perceived to be career politicians who have done nothing outside media or politics.

A perfect example of how the political elite, left, right or whatever has more in common with each other that they have with the great unwashed they represent.  Having spent four summers spraying plants with chemicals, I must admit a nice sinecure at a think tank would have been most satisfactory.