The BBC’s Saville whistleblowers

As Nick Cohen in the Observer notes, it is how the BBC has treated the key whistleblowers and promoted the others involved that is so contemptible.

Everyone knows the story of how Liz MacKean, a reporter for BBC Newsnight and her producer, Meirion Jones, found the evidence that Savile was a voracious paedophile and how the BBC stopped them broadcasting.

Not many know what happened next. George Entwistle, the director general at the time the scandal broke, said the BBC “must make sure that nothing like this can happen again”. People in power always say that when they are in a corner, whether they are running the banks, the Murdoch press, the BBC or the Vatican.

The best test of their sincerity is how they treat whistleblowers. If they mean what they say, they will make good on their promise of “never again” by showing by their deeds that no one suffers for delivering urgent but awkward news.