Virgin Media offered Met a share of compensation recovered from fraudsters

The Guardian:

The lord chief justice has warned police that they risk damaging their image of independence after Scotland Yard acted on behalf of big business in a private prosecution during which they received a promise of money.

Virgin Media offered the Metropolitan police a 25% share of compensation recovered from fraudsters the company had targeted in a private prosecution, in which the Met used its powers of arrest and search as part of the private prosecution.

Lord Thomas said it was essential that ministers, police chiefs and those supposed to hold them to account gave “very urgent consideration” to the practice.

In the judgment, Thomas, sitting with Mr Justice Foskett and Mr Justice Hickinbottom, said the agreement between Virgin and the Met risked damaging the police’s reputation for independence.

He said: “It did in fact provide an incentive for the police to devote resources to assisting Virgin in their claim for compensation and gave rise to a perception that their independence was being compromised.”

Just astonishing.  I hope the well-paid plod who made this decision considers the Lord Chief Justice’s advice quickly.  Once again, where is Boris Johnson’s oversight?