Britain is a ‘post-Christian’ country says former Archbishop

The BBC:

Britain is now a “post-Christian” country, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has said.  Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, Lord Williams said Britain was not a nation of believers and that the era of widespread worship was over.  It comes after Prime Minister David Cameron said people in Britain should be confident of its status as “a Christian country”.

Lord Williams, who retired from being the leader of the Church of England in 2012, said: “If I say that this is a post-Christian nation, that doesn’t mean necessarily non-Christian.  “It means the cultural memory is still quite strongly Christian.”  He added: “But [Britain is] post-Christian in the sense that habitual practice for most of the population is not taken for granted.

“A Christian nation can sound like a nation of committed believers and we are not that. Equally, we are not a nation of dedicated secularists.”

“It’s a matter of defining terms. A Christian country as a nation of believers? No. “

 “A Christian country in the sense of still being very much saturated by this vision of the world and shaped by it? Yes.”

A very sensible observation by Lord Williams.