UK police failing to record 20% of crime – report

The Guardian:

The police are failing to record as much as 20% of crime – equal to three-quarters of a million offences – including 14 cases of rape and some serious sexual offences, according to the first official inquiry into the integrity of the police crime figures.

The interim report by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Tom Winsor, was ordered by the home secretary following claims of widespread fiddling of the police recorded crime figures by a whistleblower which have been endorsed by MPs.

Winsor says that his initial results from 13 out of the 43 forces include the two biggest forces, the Metropolitan and the Greater Manchester police, and so cover 60% of total police recorded crime. A final report covering all the forces across England and Wales is to be published in October.

There are Chief Constables receiving “bonuses” for cutting crime.  Why aren’t all IPCCs addressing this?