Bush dynasty looks to Jeb to run for president in 2016

The Guardian:

It is a view confirmed by close confidants of Jeb, the former Florida governor, who say he would like to run, has backing from senior figures in the party, and is now weighing up the likely impact on those around him, particularly his daughter, Noelle, who fought off an addition to crack cocaine and would face media scrutiny.

Until recently the notion that Jeb might seek the Republican nomination in 2016 seemed far-fetched even to other family members.

When Hillary Clinton first began emerging as the most likely Democratic opponent last year, Jeb’s own mother expressed alarm at the prospect of her son squaring off in a dynastic tussle that might all but guarantee that just two families would divide the White House between them for a combined total of at least 24 out of 32 years.

It really is very hard to take the idea that one family can produce three presidents seriously.  American exceptionalism, indeed. At this rate, which Bush will run against Chelsea Clinton?