Lib Dems disown ‘repugnant’ Cyril Smith but stand accused of cover-up

The Guardian:

Danczuk’s book, Smile for the Camera: the Double Life of Cyril Smith, co-written with his parliamentary aide Matthew Baker, says police forces repeatedly investigated sex abuse allegations against the 28-stone former MP but that attempts to prosecute him were consistently blocked.

It adds that officers were told they would be sacked and were gagged by the Official Secrets Act. The cover-up came from the “very top of the establishment”, Danczuk says. One possible motivation for the alleged cover-up is that Smith was considered to be such an electoral asset to the Liberals that senior figures in the party were keen to protect him.

Yes, senior liberal party leaders might have protected Smith but I’m dubious that was what happened.  Blackmail potential seems much more likely.  And was there a link to the IRA?