Prince Charles will not be silenced when he is made king, say allies

The Guardian:

Prince Charles is ready to reshape the monarch’s role when he becomes king and make “heartfelt interventions” in national life in contrast to the Queen’s taciturn discretion on public affairs, his allies have said.

In signs of an emerging strategy that could risk carrying over the controversy about his alleged meddling in politics into his kingship, sources close to the heir say he is set to continue to express concerns and ask questions about issues that matter to him, such as the future of farming and the environment, partly because he believes he has a duty to relay public opinion to those in power.

I’m not sure we have the constitution to handle something other than a figurehead monarchy.  It seems rather radical to try and develop an activist monarch.  Other than an overwhelming sense of entitlement, I wonder why he’s trying to change things?

There’s a longer profile here.