File on Mark Duggan police shooting lost in the post

The Guardian:

Computer disks lost by the government containing sensitive data include details identifying the police marksman who shot Mark Duggan, the Guardian has learned.

The disks were lost by an official and the information on them is feared to be so sensitive that security cleared Treasury solicitors have been drafted to assess the scale of the potential damage.

The shooting of Duggan by police in August 2011 triggered some of the worst riots in recent history. The marksman was granted anonymity because of fears of reprisals and was known at inquest into the death only as V53. He testified behind a screen to conceal his identity from the public.

The disks were said to have been lost in the post and contained information about the Duggan inquest, as well as the official inquiry into the police shooting of Azelle Rodney, and the inquiry into the killing of Robert Hamill in Northern Ireland. For all the inquiries, officials were seconded from the Ministry of Justice to assist their running.

Hmm.  I assume they had a copy of the information and it isn’t a case of data deletion.