As a German, I’m amazed at this election. You obsess over selfies but ignore big issues like Europe

The Guardian:

As for the “West Lothian question”, from a German perspective, the solution seems blindingly obvious: federalism. Give the four nations of Britain self-government on all the issues they want except foreign policy, defence and security, immigration and foreign aid, energy and climate policy and whatever else won’t work without some national framework.

And if the government does collapse and the Scots do leave the UK, the ensuing Little England backlash would almost certainly lead to the rest of the UK – all due respect, Nicola Sturgeon: by far the most important part – leaving Europe, with the results sketched out above. Which is why Ukip is praying for a Labour victory – and working for it, too, by taking chunks of the Tory vote.

I’d like to be sanguine about the outcome. But I’m not. It’s not that the British don’t realise how important Europe is for them that worries me and many other Germans. It’s that they don’t see how important they are for Europe.