On the blacklist: how did the UK’s top building firms get secret information on their workers?

The Guardian:

Five years after the ICO raid, nearly half the 3,213 people with Consulting Association files have still to be traced. While some aspects of the blacklisting have been investigated, there are many loose ends. What happened to all the minutes of Consulting Association meetings? Not one scrap of paper has so far been disclosed by any of the firms.

Group litigation is likely to go to full trial this year. Employment tribunals are ongoing and claims to the European Court of Human Rights are waiting to be heard. Balfour Beatty is the only firm to have defended its use of the Consulting Association. CEO Andrew McNaughton expressed regret but claimed it was the consequence of “an extremely difficult industrial-relations climate that had an adverse effect not only our company, but on our industry, our customers and the country as a whole”.

To this day, no blacklisting firm has made a public apology to the workers whose lives they ruined.