Police criticised over spy-cam tweet of comedian Michael McIntyre in street

The Guardian:

Police have defended a picture tweeted by a helicopter team that shows the comedian Michael McIntyre standing in a London street.

The ground operations director for the NPAS, Supt Richard Watson, said: “We are aware of the tweet and, as far as we are aware, it does not breach any data protection legislation. We feel however it was inappropriate and it has since been removed.

Staggering.  They appear to have no internal regulations on the control of sensitive material.  Hopefully Mr McIntyre’s lawyers will address the matter.  The Information Commissioner’s Office commented:

Police forces like all other organisations must comply with the Data Protection Act. The police especially must ensure that they have legitimate grounds for processing personal data and disclosing images of this nature without a justifiable policing purpose could potentially breach the Data Protection Act. We will follow this up with the Force concerned.

We await with interest.