State schools too ‘under the cosh’ to match our success – Dragon school head

The Guardian:

The headteacher of the independent school that produced three lead actors in the BBC’s hit series The Night Manager has said it would be difficult for state schools to replicate such success, because they are “completely under the cosh” of regulators.

John Baugh, head of the Dragon school in Oxford, where boarders’ fees are as high as £28,000 a year, said he thought the school’s acting success stemmed from its encouragement of all children to have a go at performing or speaking publicly.

In contrast, he said, despite the best efforts of teachers, state schools were unavoidably obsessed with exams, results and Ofsted judgments, leaving little space for children to pursue more creative activities including drama and acting.

I wonder why both Baugh and the Guardian focused on regulators and exams.  Surely the overwhelming difference is the spend per pupil.