Donald Trump only exists because hand-wringing liberals and bullying feminists made us all sick of political correctness

Kathy Gyngell in The Telegraph:

I’ll put my cards on the table. I am an unreconstructed woman who grieves at the passing of the “wolf whistle” era. I shout out loud if a man stands up or rushes to open the door for me. I literally pine for compliments from men. To be told that I looked beautiful or that my outfit was sexy would keep me on a high for weeks.

But feminism has seen off these simple joys, dragging us into its dreary and oppressive world  – for both sexes – where terrorised men are too afraid to compliment a woman on how she looks.

That’s until Donald Trump stepped up and out into a political territory where angels normally fear to tread. The Trump phenomenon came as an unexpected smack right between the eyes of the sisterhood.

I haven’t come across this pound-shop pastiche of Anne Coulter before.  Extraordinary.