Sir James Dyson: ‘So if we leave the EU no one will trade with us? Cobblers…’

The Telegraph:

His views on Brussels have been shaped by bitter experience. Dyson sits on several European committees. “And we’ve never once during 25 years ever got any clause or measure that we wanted into a European directive. Never once have we been able to block the slightest thing.”.

Ah, so it’s a bit like the Eurovision Song Contest – Royaume-Uni, nul points?

“If only!” He laughs. “At least they have voting at Eurovision. These sessions are dominated by very large companies who agree on their approach before the meeting and so vote together as a bloc. And that’s why we never get anywhere. We think that’s anti-competitive practice and we would love to prove it but…” he gives a helpless shrug.

So the complaint is that we’ve been out-negotiated by other EU members.  But we won’t be when we’re just negotiating with the whole world.

Softly spoken, Dyson’s Home Service Received Pronunciation tones become incensed when he talks about what he sees as our disloyalty to Commonwealth countries. “They fought for us in two world wars. So that particularly upsets me. We’re missing out on all those people who have helped us and with whom we have a great affinity, often a common language.

“Culturally, it’s all wrong. We’re not only excluding them from our country, we’re charging them import duty because we’re forced to by the EU. And the food’s cheaper, too.”


The problem with the EU’s free movement of people is that it doesn’t bring Dyson the brilliant boffins he needs. “We’re not allowed to employ them, unless they’re from the EU. At the moment, if we want to hire a foreign engineer, it takes four and a half months to go through the Home Office procedure. It’s crazy.”

It is genuinely nice that he’s so fond of the Commonwealth (even if it might be just a short-hand for ex-colonies) but has Dyson ever looked at his fellow-travelers’ views on any form of immigration, let alone non-EU?

Every Brexiter’s reasons advance their own person vision. The problem is that the visions are not necessarily compatible and we have absolutely no idea which one will win.  But I’m sure Dyson will explain how good things would have been if Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Priti Patel et al had just listened to his vision.  No-one’s going to take responsibility because no-one knows what vision they’re voting for.