Andrea Leadsom is the leader of an am-dram peasants’ revolt

Marina Hyde in The Guardian:

At least 50% of her public statements sound as if they were said for a dare. “Let’s banish pessimists.” “Boris Johnson is a lovely man.” The rest sound like she’s assembling endtimes magnetic fridge poetry. As a mum, Leadsom would like her hands on the nuclear codes. She likes to retreat to cooking the Sunday roast, which – contrary to what you may have heard – is not always a homosexual. This homespun hard-arse stuff is pushed with sledgehammer deliberateness – an attempt to position her as Brexit’s Bisto mum.

Which leaves us with Theresa May. Has it really come to this? Yes. Yes, I’m afraid it has. There are few neater indicators of quite how far we’ve travelled over the past 14 days than to find so many people, particularly non-Tory voters, now actively yearning for it to be Theresa May. “Christ,” muttered one friend with wry despair, “I now want this more than I did Obama.” Yup, we’re all realpolitikos now. Stick a fork in my dreams. They’re done.

My emphasis.  A nice turn of phrase there.