CANZUK: after Brexit, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain can unite as a pillar of Western civilisation

Andrew Roberts in The Telegraph:

Of all the many splendid opportunities provided by the British people’s heroic Brexit vote, perhaps the greatest is the resuscitation of the idea of a CANZUK Union. Winston Churchill’s great dream of a Western alliance based on three separate blocs might one day live again, thanks to Brexit. The first and second blocs – the USA and a United State of Europe – are already in place. Now it is time for the last – CANZUK – to retake her place as the third pillar of Western Civilization.

The Crown countries of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (CANZUK) need to form a new federation based upon free trade, free movement of peoples, mutual defence, and a limited but effective confederal political structure.

As one of the leaders of the nascent CANZUK project, James Bennett, points out in his new book A Time For Audacity: New Options Beyond Europe: “In the era of the internet and cheap global air travel, common language, law, history and traditions of government count far more than geographical proximity.”

Still not sure if this is a spoof.  Interesting to note just how many references there are to “free movement of people”.