Jacob Rees-Mogg backs Trump

Regardless of the US election result, we shouldn’t forget that Mogg supports Trump.

Update: Rees-Mogg now says he wouldn’t vote for Trump.  As the New York Times notes, anyone who changed their mind because of one Trump recording is a fool:

The biggest shock is their charade of it, because the recording revealed nothing new. The Trump it captures is the Trump that we’ve all heard, seen and known from the beginning. The only difference is that he’d pretty much reached his end by the time the recording came out. His revolting words enabled Republicans who were increasingly certain of his defeat in the presidential election and were itching for an exit route to wrap themselves in moral outrage as they skittered to one.

But being generous, maybe Rees-Mogg felt that groping white women (rather than, say, failing to renounce the Klu Klux Klan) was the final straw.