Liz Truss rebuffs criticism over newspaper attacks on Brexit judges

The Guardian:

The lord chancellor has said she takes her oath to defend the judiciary seriously but will not criticise the press for the reporting of the high court Brexit case, in which three judges were called “enemies of the people”.

In a letter to the Times, Liz Truss said the independent judiciary was robust enough to withstand attack by the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail….

…“Lord Falconer of Thoroton QC says that ‘judges should rightly fear for their independence’ due to my not condemning the reaction of some newspapers to the Brexit ruling. I think it unlikely the high court is imperilled by the opinions of any newspaper.”

Truss said the freedom of the press was also an important principle that was at stake in the debate. “I believe in a free press, where newspapers are free to publish, within the law, their views,” she said. “It is not the job of the government or lord chancellor to police headlines, and it would be a dark day for democracy if that changed.”

Two points:  first, Truss willfully conflates views and facts; second, her cowed reaction to certain parts of the press demonstrates exactly what we’re afraid of.