Why didn’t the Daily Mail put the jailing of Jo Cox’s murderer on its front page?

Jane Martinson in The Guardian:

Only two British newspapers failed to feature a picture of Jo Cox on their front pages today, as the terrorist killer of the MP was jailed: the Financial Times and the Daily Mail.

The editorial judgment is unsurprising, as far as the Financial Times is concerned. The neo-Nazi loner Thomas Mair was found guilty of murdering Cox on the same day as the first autumn statement from the chancellor, Philip Hammond. And for a financial newspaper that considers itself more global than British, this meant the news led its front-page briefing column instead.

But for Britain’s biggest-selling mid-market tabloid, the Daily Mail, not to refer to Cox and her killer until page 30 was not only surprising but a shock.

Nearly all other papers put a smiling picture of the Labour MP and mother of two young children on their front page on the day her killer received a full life sentence – even if they led their news coverage on the economy.

So what happened at the Mail? And what does it say about that paper’s view of – and impact on – the UK’s political life that the verdict on the first murder of a sitting MP for 26 years can be relegated so far inside its pages?

SubScribe analyzes the coverage in greater detail.  As it says:

Whatever your view on that, if it is legitimate to be alert to the radicalisation of individual British Muslims – “home-grown terrorists” as the Press likes to call them – then surely the same must apply to white supremacists and neo-Nazis?

First, Enemies of the people and now this.  Is editor Paul Dacre losing his touch?