Centrica has donated to US climate change-denying thinktank

The Guardian:

British Gas’s parent company, Centrica, has given tens of thousands of dollars to a US thinktank that denies climate change and is backed by Donald Trump’s energy secretary.

Direct Energy, a US energy company wholly owned by Centrica, donated $20,000 to the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) in 2010, according to tax filings.

The Austin-based thinktank has rubbished climate change science, argued the Paris climate deal would “wreak havoc” in the US economy and said the idea of keeping fossil fuels in the ground was a “ridiculous construct”.

Rick Perry, who was picked by Trump for energy secretary on Wednesday, wrote a book in 2010 that praised the thinktank for opposing “environmental policy based on the hysteria of global warming”. The TPPF also has relationships with other top Republicans, including former presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

Centrica told the Guardian it did not share the thinktank’s views on climate change, but confirmed it was still donating via its subsidiary and had no plans to stop.

Something to remember the next time you’re selecting a gas supplier.