The Unfolding Chronicle of WTF

Josh Marshall in TPM:

Defeat is bitter, especially if you have reason to believe that you were cheated in some sense. It makes it vastly harder to let go. But I get why Podesta went apoplectic about this. I don’t believe the right ‘private server investigation’ hand knew what the left ‘counter-espionage’ hand was doing. So much of history is written in the dead weight of bureaucratic inertia and confusion. In any case these are different beasts. They each needed to be handled on their own terms. But again, it is astonishing that the FBI knew this intrusion was afoot for the better part of a year before making any real attempt to contact the principals of the organization.

With the dirty play of the special agents in the New York field office, Comey’s July tongue-lashing, his outrageous late October letter to Congress and then this, it’s hard to have much of any trust that the FBI is a fair-minded custodian of the immense power it wields.

He quotes at length from an article by John Podesta, chairman of Clinton’s campaign.  All very curious.