Lack of outrage over white man who murdered two cops and fired more than 50 shots is disturbing

NY Daily News:

What’s wild is that Ralph Elrod did something truly unthinkable. Like a sniper, he fired at least 50 shots at police in rural Georgia. He shot and killed two officers, Daryl Smallwood and Patrick Sondron, and attempted to shoot three more. In one November afternoon, he permanently devastated at least two families and ripped out the heart of the small local police department in Peach County, Georgia.

Here’s what I know:

If Ralph Elrod was a black man, you’d know him by now.

In fact, if a black man fired over 50 shots at police, he’d be dead. When police claimed that they thought they saw a gun with black men like Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell, who were actually unarmed, they fired almost 100 shots at them.

But if somehow, a black man fired over 50 shots at police, killed two officers, and narrowly missed killing three more, the Black Lives Matter movement would be blamed. I’d be blamed, President Obama would be blamed, and that black man would be the new poster child for the war on police.