Conservatives don’t hate a golfing President, but they hated an uppity Negro golfing President

Shaun King in the NY Daily News:

And it’s why those same conservatives are now silent. The problem wasn’t that they hated seeing a President spend the money on golfing. The problem wasn’t that they hated seeing a President spend precious time on the golf course. A golfing President never disgusted them. The problem was that few things irritate bigoted white men more than an uppity negro.

And if Obama was anything to the average white bigot, he was just that — the quintessential uppity negro, with his Harvard Law degree, and his beach trips to his home state of Hawaii. Over and over again, white conservatives obsessed over things like the exact costs of Obama’s family vacations. Now though — with tons of money being spent to protect the entire Trump family as they gallivant all over the world, for business or pleasure, those same critics are now silent.

Imagine Michelle Obama demanded to live in a gold-plated penthouse in the middle of Manhattan, costs be damned, while President Obama lived in the White House alone. The outrage would be riot-level fierce. Now, conservatives no longer care.

Again, it was never about costs, or convenience, it was all about white rage at the gall of uppity negroes to do anything other than work their fingers to the bone.