Eton teachers help set seven exams taken by their pupils, says headmaster

The Guardian:

Eton teachers are involved in setting seven public exams taken by their own pupils, the school’s headmaster admitted at an inquiry into exam integrity on Tuesday.

Simon Henderson told parliament’s education select committee that eight of his staff set 10 exams in total, of which seven were for papers being sat by the school’s pupils. But he said he wanted to avoid a repeat of the scandal that led to a teacher’s departure from the school earlier this year, after it was first revealed in the Guardian that pupils had had access to material that later appeared in their final exams.

And amid ongoing concern that exams are vulnerable to manipulation by unscrupulous examiners, England’s exam watchdog also told the committee that it was considering plans to crack down on classroom teachers who set public exams in the subjects they teach.

Who could have seen that?  Oh yes, from 2014: The next shoe to drop will be realisation of the scope for abuse by allowing fee-paying schools to administer their own exams.