All the nonsense Hannan, Redwood And Mogg have spoken about the customs union this week

Ian Dunt at

What Rees-Mogg forgot to mention was that this would have very severe consequences for the UK. Under the WTO’s Most Favoured Nation rules, countries are not allowed to discriminate on their tariffs. If you charge one country 70% on beef, then you must charge all countries 70% tariff on beef. So while Britain could impose such a poisonous tariff on its closest neighbour, it would be forced to live with that tariff on all beef imports.

This clashes rather messily with Rees-Mogg’s repeated insistence that leaving the customs union would bring in lots of cheap food from outside Europe to help poorer Brits.

Every time there is movement on the Brexit debate, the same culprits emerge with the same disinformation techniques. They are mostly given a free pass by their interviewers, who do not seem to understand how gravely they are misleading viewers.

There are only two explanations for their behaviour. Either they know they are misleading the public and do it for cynical political advantage. Or they do not, and they do it out of ignorance. Either way, it is intolerable.