Brexit and the BBC

Daniel Kawczynski, the MP for Shrewsbury, tweeted:
Now at Tescos in Shrewsbury. Please remember EU protectionist racket means inefficient EU growers preferred to other non EU Mediterranean growers,due to massive tariffs imposed by EU. This leads to you paying more for your products! No more after March 2019!
It was forensically demolished in a series of tweets.  The rebuttal (using er actual facts and, well, knowledge) was so comprehensive it was mentioned on the ITV website.   Where was the BBC in all of this?  Food is something everyone can relate to.  Cheaper food is a major – verifiable – claim of Brexit benefits.  This was the moment to go into it in detail.  Where was the Today programme?  It would be an opportunity for John Humphrys address his comment that it’s “all getting a wee bit technical and I’m sure people are fed up to the back teeth of all this talk of stuff most of us don’t clearly understand”.  But no, another missed BBC opportunity.