Subsidised tenants are excluded from pool and gym in London block

I sometimes despair of the Guardian.  Have you seen this article about social housing tenants not being able to use private facilities?  The view that its apartheid is just ludicrous. With all that’s wrong with the world they latch onto that.

With the greatest respect why the hell should they be able to use the facilities if they don’t pay for them! I think the writer thought that he would get total support but I think its about 80% WTF are you on about on the comments section.  There is a discount of 40% on market levels.  95% of us don’t have access to those type of facilities, whether we are private or public housing users.

In itself its not important but what it does is give credibility to the view that the left just bang on about signifiers rather than actual policy.  Its exactly like the dems going on about bathrooms and transgender.

To then tie it into Grenfell is absurd .the problem with Grenfell wasn’t that they hadn’t spent anything on the block ,its that they spent it on totally the wrong things with terrible results.

If this carries on I will move to the Mail!