The fences

Maybe instead of calling them money launderers we should just call them FENCES, as thats what they do.

If you can’t clean stolen assets, what can you do with them?

Oh well, it’s us in the middle who will bear the cost.

Oddly using an army view it was always the foot soldier who suffered most, but actually rather like society the ones with highest casualty rates were the NCOs and junior officers (the middle).  The generals were out of the firing line deciding strategy, the privates had to be encouraged and the people who did that by leading from the front were the “middle ” who ended up paying the price.

It’s a bit like the hollowed out middle class.  In the US I assume its on the basis that if you like, the Generals give direct instructions to the privates, whilst here, the privates or the ones at the bottom do have safety nets, the generals don’t need those nets, and its the middle that supports both?

No doubt the analogy breaks down but the more I think of it, it’s the middle thats at risk.  The countries that seem to do best in all metrics are the ones with the biggest middle class.

Where are they most at risk at the moment, US and UK?

What we have is the generals using the privates to wage war against their own NCOs and junior officers, the Middle ?