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‘Paths of Glory’ gave the spine to ‘The Wire’

The Baltimore Sun:

A few years ago, exasperated by interviewers who viewed Season 5 of “The Wire” strictly as a roman a clef about The Baltimore Sun, Simon told a reporter that “the film template in his head” was actually “the most important political film of the 20th century, which is ‘Paths of Glory.’ ” Simon said it spoke more eloquently than any other picture “to the essential triumph of institutions over individuals and … to the fundamental inhumanity of the 20th century and beyond.”

He said his dramatic models for The Sun’s top editors — and for key powers at City Hall and the port of Baltimore — were the generals in Kubrick’s movie. One, the urbane corps commander (played by Adolphe Menjou), decrees that the French must take the unattainable Ant Hill from the Germans. The other, the division leader, a self-consciously dashing field commander (played by George Macready), disdains the target as a waste of manpower.

He changes his mind when the corps commander dangles a promotion in his battle-scarred face. An order that is ordure becomes gold.

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True Detective

Re-watching the whole series and this is a 6 min tracking shot that is worth looking at.  Don’t know how it compares to the Wire but very Robert Altman (also Orson Welles touch of evil).

The decline in documentary theme tunes

The decline in democratic engagement of the general populace is mirrored by the dramatic decline in the standard of Theme music for hard  hitting documentary programmes such as Weekend  World, World In Action, The money programme and Panorama.

Great theme tunes are derived from turbulent times – Alexis de Tocqueville.

I know that democracy is flourishing when I hear the opening bars of World In Action – George Bernard Shaw.

I believe that the masses will arise and throw off their shackles as soon as the end credits of the Money Programme have finished – Karl Marx.

The symbiotic relationship between the zeitgeist of the now ,and the plethora of the then can only be ameliorated, if not exhausted,  by the extant modulations of Weekend World – Jonathan Meades.

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