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Bill Moyers interviews Richard Wolff

Richard Wolff’s smart, blunt talk about the crisis of capitalism on his first Moyers & Company appearance was so compelling and provocative, we asked him to return. This time, the economics expert dives further into income inequality, analyzing the widening gap between a booming stock market and a population that increasingly lives in poverty. Wolff also takes questions sent in from around the world by our viewers.

Could Bill O’Reilly Pass Economics 101?

Economics Professor Richard Wolff challenges Fox’s Bill O’Reilly’s recent assertion that Cyprus and Greece are facing economic problems because they are “nanny states.”

“[Bill O’Reilly] gets away with saying things which no undergraduate in the United States with a responsible economics professor could ever get away it,” says Wolff, who claimed the true nanny states in Europe – Germany and the Scandinavian countries – are prospering.